Friday, July 27, 2007

Hillary Clinton's Breasts...Are None Of Our Business

One week ago today, Robin Givham, staff writer at the Washington Post, published a mid-length article based on a glimpse of Hillary Clinton's cleavage during a Senate discussion. Givham then expounds upon the Senator's changing fashion choices over the years. Why is this news? Why did the Washington Post, a reputable newspaper, deign to print something so ridiculously irrelevant to the political spectrum? Sure, it's sexist: it's considerably more difficult to capture men's naughty bits on camera. It highlights the gender issues that seem to bother us so very much in terms of politics. But folks, that issue is only one of plumbing. I am sure there are other issues surrounding Clinton, who is a rather newsworthy individual these days. I am also quite sure that there are many credible issues Givham could delve into, as opposed to ridiculous sensationalist tabloid fodder, if she (or he) really desired.

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