Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Burning...er, Banning Books

Click the title for a link to the latest news in the one-woman crusade to ban the Harry Potter books from local school libraries (in Lawrenceville, GA, where I'm moving next month). Having exhausted her state options, Laura Mallory is now contemplating appealing to federal court. This is not only a misuse of the legal system, it's also quite tiresome and appalling. How dare someone attempt to limit the thought of others? How dare someone limit the reading material and imaginative possibilities of other people?

It is entirely one's own business to confiscate particular reading materials within your own household or family, but it is a violation of the rights of others when you attempt to enforce your beliefs in such a way. It is obnoxious, presumptive, and incredibly limiting.

Reading books encourages imagination, creativity, molds language skills, and most importantly allows the process of analytical thinking to develop. Thanks, Mom, for encouraging me to read and allowing independent thought.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

My Superhero Alter-Ego

(cue inspiring music)

(cue announcer voice)

"Madam President:
Defender of the Constitution!
Protector of the Free and the Brave!
Obliviator of the Alien, Sedition, and PATRIOT Acts!"

Well, that's the heading of my manifesto, anyway. More details below!

Beleaguered enemy: George W. Bush
Beleaguered enemy's current location: on vacation.

my Clark Kent uniform:
*VOTE t-shirt
*sexy librarian glasses

my Madam President uniform:
*VOTE t-shirt
*sneakers (because you have to sit to change sneakers,
and there's no room to sit in a phone booth)
*American flag cape
*Star-Spangled headband

No one will recognize me now! :)