Thursday, February 15, 2007

A Treatise On Dishes

I can't decide if this is pure theoretical genius or complete and utter bullshit. Or both.

It starts out with a woman who has not done her dishes for a long, long time. So the thought process goes something like this:

"I must do the dishes before they evolve, set up their own governing system, and plot a takeover of the rest of the house (and instead of doing the dishes already, she goes off on a tangent). What kind of governmental system do you think dishes would set up? Would they go through the traditional humanoid process, beginning with tribes, and eventually evolving into oligarchies and feudalist societies? Would their version of the Magna Carta involve inherent dish rights only for knives and mixing bowls? Would it completely ignore the basic rights of salad plates and smaller cutlery, leaving them to continually drudge in mirthless toil for centuries? Would the dishes eventually evolve into a democracy, or would they prefer a communist collective? Perhaps a benevolent dictatorship, with the all-important rolling pin as the sole political and religious figure? Would he wear a pope hat and drive a popemobile? Oooh, I likee: dishes creating organized religion? Whom would they oppressed? Who are the women and minorities in the dish world? Most importantly, would the dish run away with the spoon?"

Long story short: It's Josh's day off, so he's doing the dishes. :)

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Nick said...


Political science texts and hard liquor are not a good combination. Something to remember for future reference.